Marathon Eryri

Sitting in a salt bath two days later, I still can’t believe I’ve done it. The closer to the race I got, the calmer I felt. I slept well the night before, I woke up 40 minutes before my alarm, smiling, waking gently from a dream where I was gliding up and down hills with […]

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The build up to Eryri

The build up to my first marathon has been a year in the making. People have dreams, something they always wanted to be. Mine was to be a runner. Watching Ras Y Wyddfa and Marathon Eryri over the years I knew that’s where I wanted to be. Years of failed attempts at couch to 5km, […]

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Running in Alberta

I’m having a bit of a social media break for many reasons, but things have been ok. Four weeks a go my other half and I packed our bags to go and explore Alberta and to attend a lovely friends wedding in Edmonton. A night in London, a 9 hour flight to Calgary and a […]

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Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon

January this year I had big plans for 2019. Massive plans. I was going to run 1000 miles, two marathons and give trail running a go. But just before Christmas my right knee was so painful I wasn’t able to run down hill at all. I kept trying to run but by the time January […]

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Yn y bore bâch

this morning I saw the sun shine through my window for the first time in what felt like forever. I’m not a morning runner, I can’t breathe and I love saving my runs for the evenings when I can savour them, but that light this morning had me in my trainers before I knew what […]

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Chester Half Marathon

Those of you who know me will know the story behind me and Chester Half Marathon. During December 2017 I has lost almost three stone and had been taking part in the Advent Running challenge (run every day of advent, it’s amazing!). My other half took a photo of me running down from Rachub in […]

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Highs and Lows

So at the moment I have 5 blog posts on the go. None of them sound good, and I can’t finish any of them. I stopped writing a few weeks a go. Everything was going so well. I just wanted to ride the wave. My time was spent running so I didn’t have time to […]

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